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We are the Tampa, FL one stop shop for exotic auto sales, everyday auto sales, vehicle modification, service and repairs, as well as customized Jeep builds...
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  1. Certified Service
    Certified Service
    We service all vehicles and our mechanics specialize in exotics...
  2. Certified Customization
    Certified Customization
    We customize all vehicles...our certified representatives will sit down with you and help make your dreams a reality.
  3. Certified Sales
    Certified Sales
    Please click on the inventory tab at the top of the page for our current inventory...
  4. Legendary Builds
    Legendary Builds
    Schedule an appointment with Larry and he will build your one of a kind dream Jeep or Truck...
  5. Exotic Shipping
    Exotic Shipping
    We ship all vehicles, either enclosed or open...call us today for a quote.
  6. Financing
    Financing is available...please click on the financing tab at the top of the page and fill out the application.